Forever an Ocean Girl!

Hi, my name is Colleen, I started Ocean Girl Project surf camps in 2008. Below is a bit about me.

I am a social entrepreneur and mostly pragmatic visionary. I connect corporations with the private sector to find innovative solutions for our community and environment. I am a leader and student. My primary focus is educating girls. I believe in kindness and I don’t mind hard work.

I have the best job ever teaching awesome people and kids to surf,  helping girls connect, grow and learn, and helping others in my community. I love new adventures and sharing waves with friends.  I believe in the true spirit of what the Hawaiians lovingly call Aloha.

I prefer fair-trade coffee and softly worn t-shirts. My super power is waking before dawn (hence the coffee). I am obsessive about keeping our oceans clean, making and using non-harmful organic products. I lead empowerment, creative and outdoor workshops for girls and women. I love Hawaii, rainbows, flowers, shells, chocolate, and naps.

I mostly liked school: Much gratitude to my teacher Laurie Moore, you changed my life and I kinda think you’d be proud of what I have done with my life.  I have a masters level education in addiction, sociology and psychology and I camped with 30+ kids every year for 20 years. Sleeping in the woods under the stars taught me more then any book.

I love surf camps
: our first one was Ventura, Ca in 1998 with my late husband Scott Kudo.

I am inspired: I have crossed paths and continue to forge bonds with many brilliant, passionate and inspirational girls and women, mahalo for empowering me to be a better human. Ocean Girl Project evolved from an organization we started called Becausewesurf. My loving partner and co-founder Doug Morton supported and inspired my dream of creating a fun and “green” surf camp in Hawaii. We have held camps, workshops and have given scholarships to local girls since we started in 2008.

I love supporting  others and we love supporting our community! By providing scholarships and the opportunity to attend a camp and or workshops our hope is girls will be inspired and stay involved in the ocean and find the places in life where they feel connected. We know the self-confidence the girls achieve and mentors they are exposed to, can make a significant difference in their lives.

I am blessed: It is my honor to share my passion for surfing and love of Hawaii with many people, and I am glad you get to be one of those people too. Stay Stoked!

Aloha, Colleen
Colleen Kudo + MANY Wonderful Volunteers




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  1. Rachel says:

    I just read your posts and i think we are soul sisters. My love for the ocean brought me back to where i was born in North Carolina. I am a teacher and bring my love into the classroom as i have jelly fish even. I am on the sea turtle patrol and paddle boarding is my passion. I would love to spread your vision here on our coast!

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    1. Colleen Kudo says:

      Mahalo Rachel, you sound like an awesome Ocean Girl! Let’s chat more, please email me It may take me awhile to get back to you but I will within a week or so. Much Aloha, Colleen


  2. Denice says:

    Your mission speaks to my heart. And I love “Dare to be Bold.” Think I’ll try to live it and see what becomes. I believe we all have within an awesome wisdom waiting for release. My personal preference is dance and play. .. Freedom to make it up as we go. Surfing seems the perfect playground.


  3. Dusty Carrier says:

    I am 14 years old….but i am a junior lifeguard, and a surfer who would love to volunteer for this camp as a jumior leader.

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    1. becausewesurfgirlscamp says:

      You are perfect, my biggest thank you! It is the last week in July 26-30, I will keep you updatesd.
      With much gratitude and love,
      Aunty Colleen


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