Ocean Girl SUMMER CAMPS closed for 2021

Smile. Learn. Laugh.
Make new friends and play in the ocean!


Overview of Ocean Girl Project 5-day Camps

What we do
Ocean Girl Project provides workshops and 5-day ocean camps that introduce girls to fun outdoor activities where we explore creative ways to connect to nature while supporting each other. We provide positive activities that help build self-confidence, self-esteem, and give each girl a personal sense of accomplishment. We provide scholarships and many opportunities for local girls whose families need financial aid. We do community services such as collect school clothing for homeless girls and boys, beach cleanups, and art projects each year.

How we do it
We play, we surf, swim and laugh. We go into the ocean each day at camp, before and after we do creative exploratory activities which may include yoga, beach cleanups, reusable art, local food, and simple gardening ideas, vision boards, create organic body products, we love music and take field trips to learn more about our island. We have wonderful sponsors and we do fundraisers to raise money for scholarships.

Our leaders
Our trained and experienced staff and volunteers are safe, patient teachers, supportive guides and strong positive community role models. Ocean Girl Project has been providing workshops and camps to local girls in our community since 2008.

What about Surfing
Surfing is a fun and cool activity, and it provides positive ways to overcome challenges and tap into personal strength.  All ocean activities take hard work, to begin with, it’s what makes them so worth it. Remember, all our ocean activity is daily contingent on safe weather and safe ocean conditions.

Our Aim
We share our passionate love of the ocean and a sustainable island environment while connecting girls to new friends, positive role models, healthy outdoor activities and opportunities that may benefit them now and all through their life.

Camps take place primarily on the south shore of Oahu but we travel during the year to other communities. We pick safe locations for ocean learning.

Girls 09-11 years old.

All participants at camp must have basic swimming abilities. Your child must be able to tread water and swim short distances without becoming overwhelmed or exhausted. The swim requirements do not apply to the one-day workshops on land. If your child is afraid of the ocean and or surfing, you can email Colleen for tips and suggestions.

Financial Assistance and Contact
Let us know by email if you need financial aid, contact Colleen Kudo by email, colleen@oceangirlproject.com Or start by completing the contact form on this website.  For updates and other special events, follow us on FACEBOOK


Camp Details

The camp is held Monday through Friday 8:00 am – 1:00 pm

Open until full for girls ages 09 – 12, max of (12) girls per camp.

Students must be able to swim and tread water.

Camps are held at safe beaches near Waikiki.

Email Colleen,  colleen@oceangirlproject.com

Begin with Contact Form HERE


What to bring:

Please wear a bathing suit under casual clothes & inexpensive slippers daily
• Bagged lunch
• Towel
• Sunscreen
• Reusable water bottle
• Hat or Visor for shade
• Backpack or Reusable Bag
• We have extra of all the above items, please let Colleen know if you need.

We provide:

• Ocean fun! Surfboards, SUP boards, boogie boards, snorkel gear, etc.and rash guards as needed
• Water & Snacks
• Tent for shade, sustainable activity material, and art supplies

Ocean Girl Project Camp “Typical” Week Schedule

The order of all activities is subject to change contingent on severe ocean conditions & weather.

Monday: Introductions and orientation – fun games
Water Safety, ocean awareness: tides, currents, 
conditions, etiquette , ocean actitivity
Lunch- Creative Activities
Tuesday: Camper check in and fun group activity
Ocean Activity -  
Lunch- Creative Activities
Wednesday: Camper check in and fun group activity
Ocean Activity –
Lunch - Creative Activities
Thursday: Camper check in and fun group activity
Ocean session-Beach clean up - recycled art collections 
Lunch- Creative art activity
Friday: Ocean Activity - Overview of week & activity  
Family Pot Luck - Closing Ceremony.

Watch video about Ocean Girl Project on Hawaii News http://www.hawaiinewsnow.com/Global/story.asp?S=14358907



5 Comments Add yours

  1. Terri Hunting says:

    My daughter Erika loved the 2012 surf camp and had the best week ever! She wants to be a volunteer when she gets older!


  2. Dalenna Abdou says:

    Aloha!I really LOVE what you are doing! LOVE, keep SMILING, and enjoy LIFE!!!! Jeannie


  3. Jeannie Wokasch says:

    I really LOVE what you are doing! LOVE, keep SMILING, and enjoy LIFE!!!! Jeannie


  4. Claudette Arellano says:

    Please notify me to enroll my 11 year old daughter in the surf camp..


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