Surfing Changes Everything

SURFING IS LIFE CHANGING..  From what we eat, to when and how long we sleep, to how we treat our bodies and our Aina, being a surfer changes everything.

Most surfers will tell you, learning to surf is supremely exciting and hard work. You are in harsh elements like sun and salt water; you are paddling hard and working your whole body for hours at a time.  Fortunately surfing has so many truly awesome rewards that you find yourself looking forward to the challenge and value the strength, determination and humility you manifest to paddle out and catch waves. One day, no matter how hard, you know inside, it is totally worth it.

Morning surf is awesome
All love , Ocean Girl Project!

I believe surfing and spending time in the ocean fills our lives with health, positive energy, and passion. But if you are constantly feeling tired or running out of “juice” while surfing, it can be a pretty frustrating session. One reason for this may be what you are eating or not eating.

Healthy food and vitamin drinks make a huge difference in how long you will last in the water, the amount of strength you have, and not only improve but can truly help prevent injuries.

Since we started our ocean camps (over 10 years ago) we have strongly supported and encouraged our girls to eat healthful meals and snacks that include local and fresh ingredients. And you know what, they love it!

A great way to do this is to grow your own or shop at a local farmers market. Not only will your energy and surf sessions improve but also the ocean and island will benefit, and that’s awesome for everyone.


Simple Smoothie Recipe


– 1 cup coconut milk (or any other milk)
note: add more liquid if it’s too thick, one cup works w/ my blender

– handful of fresh or frozen mango chunks, pineapple or papaya, and berries

-1 cup natural yogurt (optional) I sometimes use leftover poi too

-1 frozen banana or 2 bananas if no yogurt

– handful of fresh spinach for girls, kale for boys

– 1 Tbl or so to taste of local honey

To make smoothie – place the milk, fruit, yogurt, and bananas in a blender, blend until smooth and enjoy a wonderful smoothie!

To make bowl – blend as above, top with organic granola or nuts and a few sliced bananas and strawberries, drizzle with honey on top.

Healthy Tips

Practice eating and integrating fresh ingredients into your meals, and you’ll experience much more energy and stamina!

Prepare meals and drinks with fresh ingredients, they not only taste better, it is the best way to benefit from the healthful nutrients.

If you can’t grow your own, shop at a farmers market, it’s a wonderful way support our local farmers.

For most healthful impact, eat fruits within two to three days of buying and vegetables within four to five days, if you can’t finish in a short time frame, try freeze and make smoothies.

Sea ya in the waves..stay stoked! Colleen