ASP Top 17 Determined for 2011 ASP Women’s World Tour Season

Pictured: Tyler Wright (AUS), 16, one of the new faces you’ll be seeing on the 2011 ASP Women’s World Tour. Credit:© ASP / CESTARI HUNTINGTON BEACH, California/USA (Sunday, January 2, 2011) –The 2011 ASP Top 17 have been determined, ushering in one of the most exciting fields of women surfers in the history of the…

Coral reefs ‘could disappear in our children’s lifetime’

For me, an Australian marine scientist who has spent the past 40 years working on reefs the world over, these threats were of real concern, but their implications were limited in time or in space or both. Although crown-of-thorns starfish can certainly devastate reefs, the impacts of sediments, nutrients and habitat loss have usually been of greater concern, and I have been repeatedly shocked by the destruction I have witnessed.

Women Surfers Make History at Big Wave World Tour

The women’s big wave event, which was the World’s first, ran the next morning and included Keala Kennelly, Savannah Shaughnessy, and Mercedes Maidana. Keala Kennelly won and dedicated the win to close friend Andy Irons, who passed away the day before.

Ocean Girls, against the odds, Molokai Channel 2010

Last year a group of us girls all wanted to cross this channel. So we did, we were the 2nd crew in the race history to have a crew of girls that were all age 18 (the minimum age to race is 18). Once we crossed the channel I knew I was hooked and I wanted to do this race every year till it was no longer physically possible.

Kids Konserve helping kids in Hawaii, saving the environment

Aloha! Thank you for checking us out! In case you didn’t already know, Ocean Girl Project (OGP) is a totally unique sustainable, kids, educational,  and surf organization here in Hawaii. Why is this? Primarily because our mission is to offer financial assistance to all families of girls who are in need. How? This is accomplished …

Surfing Parents Meet up!

Are you a parent on Oahu that wants to surf but has a little one that can’t be left alone? This group is meant to unite like-minded surfing moms AND dads to support each others’ love for the ocean while also caring for our children

Surfer Girl to Surfer Girl, we asked Heather Brown

What advice do you have for new surfer girls? Smile and keep the vibe friendly in the line up – north shore artist heather brown Heather Brown does not just use the ocean as a subject for her cool paintings she exhibits in galleries around the world, she lives in it. The 36-year-old artist from…

We asked, what has surfing taught you?

Patience~Surfing has taught me to be patient with myself. To realize that each day is different, some days I feel graceful and fluid, some days things don’t flow and I feel frustrated and challenged. Some days I feel strong and confident. Some days I feel weak and timid. But each day I surf I realize…

Women On Waves Hawaii Queens to current Champions

Women On Waves, the California Surf Museum’s 2010 special exhibit, is an exciting exploration into the many aspects of feminine wave-riding. From the Hawaiian surfing Queens to the freshly crowned champions of the women’s pro tour, Women On Waves celebrates more than 300 years of women’s standout performances in surfing.

Ocean Girl Project, Sustainable Surf Camps

We are getting ready to launch our Ocean Girl Project, sustainable surf camps for girls in Hawaii. Along with getting stoked about surfing we will focus time and energy each day on ocean education, beach clean ups, water safety, eating healthy, art projects, and sustainability. Our primary purpose is to instill a renewed sense of…