Update Camps Summer 2020

Aloha Folks,

I have been receiving many emails regarding girl’s camps, here’s a brief update.

  1. We are not considering scheduling camps until at least until mid-June.
  2. If it is safe to hold camp(s) they wouldn’t be until the end of July or August.
  3. There are many changes we would need to implement in order to be safe and maintain social distancing.
  4. The C&C parks are not open to groups at this time.
  5. We really don’t have a firm answer yet.

I truly realize this is a difficult situation for everyone right now.

We are also discussing the possibility of online camp-like classes where the girls would have assignments they do as individuals outdoors and we share things in a video setting.

Obviously, it wouldn’t be surfing but it would involve learning pre-surf activities, confidence building, and outdoor challenges plus fun contests.

If you think your girl would like to do a fun online ocean-surfer-girl type learning class, please answer below and/or send me an email, colleen@oceangirlproject.com, if we have enough interest I will consider moving forward to get it started.

Sample of daily activities :

  • ocean safety
  • marine biology
  • yoga
  • art projects
  • making botanical-based products
  • journal making and writing
  • etc

Time commitment would be 1-2 hours a day for 2 weeks.

Please LMK what you think.

Please stay safe, mindful, restful, and healthy.

Much Aloha,