How I Awakened My Creative Spirit

My life is art. It is beautiful colors and warm textures. Each day is a blank canvas waiting  for me to paint, enjoy, and explore.

Yet, it wasn’t always this way. For years what I saw and painted each day was the same picture over and over. My canvas was bland and my beautiful creative spirit asleep.

So how did I awaken my creative spirit?

I learned to be brave.

Morning Mindfulness

The best time for me to start was morning. My main goal was to step outside my comfort zone and openly invite creativity into my life.

In the beginning fear (in the form of negative messages) flew like arrows to my heart. I tried fighting but it didn’t help. In fact it made me feel worse. This was getting me nowhere so I gave up. I stopped resisting long enough to breathe and try a kinder approach. I wrote down and listed my fears. I acknowledged their existence and how they influence my life. I mindfully invited them into my heart and responded this way, thank you for trying to keep me safe but I no longer need your protection, I am worth feeling vulnerable and afraid, I am worth making mistakes.

What an incredibly powerful way to awaken that spirit of creativity in my life!

So, do I still get scared? All the time, there is no other way to practice being brave without fear. The difference is today I am okay with it, I am not afraid of fear.

This story is simply me sharing my creative journey. I truly believe art is vital in life, that creativity exists in each moment, and you are never too old nor too young to start.

You are invited and welcome to share with me and each other below.

Mahalo, Colleen

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