One Wild Day – Wild Adventures and Ocean Girl Workshops

“Education should not be the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a (wild) fire.” — William Butler Yeats

One Wild Day – Ocean Girl Workshops

All of us here at Ocean Girl Project love to fuel the fire of exploring,  learning, stewardship and blossoming of self-confidence. We introduce young girls to wild place experiences (like the ocean) while having fun and supporting each other as a wild-heart positive group.

The volunteers and staff who participate in + run our workshops are incredible people from many different backgrounds and places, yet we all share a powerful connection, we experienced wild places in nature. We remember surfing with abandon, playing in the waves, exploring tide pools, snorkeling to a reef, hiking in a rain forest to the water falls, climbing a tree, jumping into the swimming hole, and if you were lucky, fishing with your grandpa.  It’s no wonder we have wild hearts and still go on those adventures and we passionately love to share them!

Do you remember playing in natures wild places when you were a child? We encourage everyone to share a positive memory. Post on our Facebook page, send us an email or leave a comment below, Mahalo.

Collectively, we believe children who interact with nature are less anxious, develop a deep connection with the ocean, plants and creatures they encounter and will continue to preserve and care for wild life on our planet. Anxious? Truth is, young girls are at times very anxious, they are bombarded by stressful images and videos, grade pressure, any day can be a stressful social situation, they are learning and growing quickly and it can all lead to anxiety.  We know a few simple steps that can help.  Engaging in and experiencing nature changes us all in positive ways, it nurtures imagination, builds stronger bodies, supports a healthy immune system, boosts self-confidence and yes, it is proven to lower stress.  So go surf, walk, run, climb a tree, sit in a garden, roll down a hill, check out that incredible reef, you can beautifully release stress at any age!

Wild Hearts Ocean Girls

Exploration of wild nature places is important for a young girls educational development. The world is full of so many possibilities, kids especially are wide open to new ideas, full of brilliant questions and brimming with curiosity. A wild and natural setting is the perfect living place and allows their heart and minds to soar. Surfing, shell collecting, creating art from marine debris found at a beach cleaning, snorkeling, walking, hiking in the woods, imagery, yoga, visiting a restored Hawaiian fish pond, singing in a cave, wild harvesting sustainable plants, helping a new friend, these are just some of the ways we nurture a connection to nature and support young girls natural curiosity.

End of summer into fall – winter we are holding Ocean Girl Project One Wild Day –  a series of wild hearts + wild places workshops.  These are small and personal workshops. We are going to get dirty,  jump in the ocean, learn, challenge each other and experience wild places in nature.

The workshops are for girls ages 10-12. Workshop space is limited to six girls per workshop, if you are interested in signing your daughter up for a day or a 4 week series, or need more information,  add one wild day in subject line and send email to:

We are going to have so much fun!!!

Ocean Girl Project workshops foster engagement in nature and preservation of wild places.

Aloha, Colleen!