Ocean Girl Workshops – DIY Unique Surfboard Bag

Aloha Ocean Girls! Wanna create a supa cool board bag or board carry this summer? It is easy, start by  signing up below for info on our Ocean Girl Project one-day ocean/surf workshops.  Swim, surf, snorkel, hikes, create organic products, cooking, beach art, making awesome surf bags and more.

Watch this fun video for the basics with Leila Hurst below.

My personal fav is this board buddy to help carry your surf board long distance!

join us at our new Ocean Girl project workshops this summer - make your own aloha board bestie.
Ocean Girl one day workshops  – make your own aloha board buddy. photo credit – ;( unknown)

Next week we are talking about our surfing rituals, do you have something meaningful, zen, kookie, or special you do before or after your surf sess?  Email your stories to be featured on our site! colleen@oceangirlproject.com

Aloha ocean girls, be safe, be respectful, be love..