Understanding Hawaiian Innovation and Ingenuity

July 7, 2015· By Trisha Kehaulani Watson

There’s been a lot of discussion about Hawaiian innovation and Hawaiian cultural values, but more importantly there’s been a lot of misinterpretation about how Hawaiians would utilize science and technology today. I’d like to clarify some of this misinformation.

I have a favorite quote from Marion Kelly

“The dedication of Hawaiian society to the concept of malama (caring) is basically a conservation value. Sometimes it is explained as a belief that the land and sea in the last analysis ‘belonged’ to the gods. Permission for the use of the gods’ domain was continually asked of them through religious ceremonies, large and small. Works of Hawaiians, both on land and in the sea, were so carefully planned, engineered and executed that they enhanced productively without massive environmental degradation following as a result.”


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Understanding Hawaiian Innovation and Ingenuity – Civil Beat.