Aloha Friday : Aloha Summer

Still 85 degrees here in Hawaii!

It’s not my imagination. Since Labor Day weekend, the sun has hinted it’s beginning to find sleep earlier and sleep in later.  I get off my bus stop in downtown Seattle and am hit with a stinging chill of the early morning.  I feel instant goosebumps which I forgot even existed when time stood still in the glorious Northwest Summer. People are quickly making their way to coffee shops, work buildings…. the indoors.  There is no more lingering in the sunlight and layers are becoming an essential.  People talk about fall when all I can plead is “SUMMER, please don’t go.”  I don’t want to believe that the season has reached it’s peak and we are forced to  transition into hibernation.   Technically, autumn equinox is September 22nd, giving me roughly two weeks to accept the fact that fall is on it’s way.  But in the meantime, I will celebrate summer and dawdle as long as I can…

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  1. Aloha Leslie, I love what you wrote! Cool air sounds nice!! Mahalo


  2. Thanks for the reblog. 🙂 I moved to the mainland from Hawaii last November and I miss it everyday. Excited at the opportunities and a new path.. but Hawaii is always home!


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