Ocean Girl Project: Part 2 Summer Surf Camp Days 3 & 4


Our morning lovingly begins on day four with yoga , we learned ocean breathing! Yoga for Ocean Girls! These surfer girls are loving yoga mornings!  Thanks Sarah for teaching us so many awesome ways to be fit and ways to help our surfing! #oceangirlproject


Anne and Luna did an awesome presentation with us at camp and taught us the Hawaiian names of places and how we can care for our island!!!

We did a Hawaiian oli.  We learned and played the name game totally fun !!! We learned about ahupua’a!! The ancient ahupua`a, the basic self-sustaining unit, extended elements of Hawaiian spirituality into the natural landscape. Amidst a belief system that emphasized the interrelationship of elements and beings, the ahupua`a contained those interrelationships in the activities of daily and seasonal life.

WE SANG!!! We learned an awesome Hawaiian song about Diamond Head and Surfing: Kaimana Hila

Camp was awesome, new friends, good surf, art, music and love!!! Mahalo to all the volunteers, parents, supporters and all the girls, you are truly magical ninja surf warriors and a force for GOOD!!