Permaculture Workshop – Be part of the solution!

Ocean Girl Project presented our first permaculture community workshop by permaculture designer Drew Wilkenson and Kaily Wakefield for the benefit of our lives and coastlines. We explored our food, water, waste, and energy streams and how we can adapt our lifestyle habits to create the greatest amount of positive change for the least amount of effort. We ate yummy local grown fresh food and TEA! We learned about coastal edible plants, coastal remediation strategies, ways to protect our water supplies, tips on how to grow our own food and much more. We created art, shared seeds and had an amazing time learning from each other!


oceangirlproject-junktojoy-permaculutreworkshop3 Ocean Girl-Junk-toJoy-Permaculture-workshop1 oceangirlproject-junktojoy-permaculture-workshop2

Thank you everyone who came out to our workshop!

We had so much fun and enjoyed sharing our knowledge as well as learning from you!