Who inspires you?

International Women’s Day celebrates beautiful and magnificent women and girls in history, in our lives and in the world. This week all over the country individuals, small groups and whole communities gather to honor those who stand strong for better education, non-violence, our environment, our children, our health, our freedom, equality, bullying, and deeply appreciate those who inspire hope in our young leaders of the future.

You may have seen or read stories in the news about the incredible women and girls who risked their lives, who will not be silenced those who will not stand down, and I suspect all us know someone in our own lives who is making a difference.

I have heard, “One girl is a revolution” I LOVE that, it resonates clearly in my life today. We see, hear and read about women and girls raising significant issues worthy of our time and attention locally every day, their authenticity; guts and drive are simply astounding.

On Saturday March 8th we are hosting Ocean Girl’s, “Women who inspire us” .

We are sharing our reflections, sacred mementos, treasured memories and priceless stories of the grandmothers, mothers, sisters; teachers, friends, and ancestors whose shadows we stand proudly in today. Collectively we will strive to paint a picture of our everyday heroes, their love and share how we continue to honor that love every day. It is how it should be.  We will honor and acknowledge their sacrifice, honesty and bravery. We will infuse this powerful energy into our lives to inspire our community’s passion; that no girl is left out,  how it could be.

Awareness, sharing, education and hope are a few of the amazing tools we can use to empower each other and the people in our lives every day.

So this week, spend a few reflective moments  remembering the women or girl who lifts your heart, gives you daring, inspires you to do more and be more than you could ever be, and give gratitude.

Who inspires you?