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    Aloha! I am going to be in Hawaii this June 13-26 and have a 12 year old daughter who has just learned to surf and Costa Rica and loves it! Can you send me the link to your camp schedule for this June and if you have instructors who would teach privately? Thank you!

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  2. Sarah was born on the east coast of Canada in 1986. She now lives with her husband on the South Shore of Oahu, where she frequents, daily, the popular surf breaks of Ala Moana and Diamond Head. Teaching ESL pays the bills, but yoga, surfing and writing feed the soul. She has a bachelor of English literature and environmental sciences from Dalhousie University and a (second) bachelor of journalism from the University of King’s College in Nova Scotia, Canada.

    She lived as an expat for a total of 3 years in Asia, teaching ESL and freelancing for an English newspaper in South Korea, then teaching yoga in Thailand and Indonesia, and surfing when and where there were waves. During this time she also traveled to 10 other countries.

    “I began my yoga journey at a very young age. You might say it began when I was only six years old! The joy of movement was sparked by an early interest in gymnastics, followed by dance, and complimented by yoga. My grandmother practiced yoga into her late 60s, and it was her who introduced me to yoga. Growing up I spent a lot of time with my grandmother, and during this time I was often found rolling around on the living room floor, attempting to mimic my grandmother’s movements and yoga postures.

    After my grandmother passed six years later, my yoga practice then became a solo endeavor. At the age of 12, and still practicing gymnastics and dance, I was beginning to feel a bit too old for these activities. I wanted to focus on school, friends and learning new extra-curricular activities. However, I still wanted to keep my flexibility and mindfulness, and wanted to continue an art of movement. I would practice the stretches I learned from my grandmother, gymnastics and dance, but this wasn’t quite enough. For my birthday that year, my mother bought me a basic yoga manual. It included the basic fundamentals of yoga postures, breathing, and anatomy. With this book, I created a self-practice. My mother and I would practice routines and postures together.

    Coming from a small town in New Brunswick, Canada, there weren’t many yoga studios to choose from. It wasn’t until I moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia, to begin my studies in English Literature, at Dalhousie University, that I began taking regular Hatha and Astanga yoga classes.

    I continued taking classes all throughout university, as well as maintained a strong self-practice. From time to time, I would lead small classes with friends or family.

    Five years and two degrees later, I left my home country for South Korea. In Korea, I worked as an ESL Teacher for two years. During this time I kept my self-practice, as well as took Sivananda yoga classes.

    During my time in Korea, I realized yoga was more than a self-practice: I wanted to share the joy, light, love and laughter of yoga. Upon finishing my teaching contract in Korea, I went to Sri Lanka to complete my level 1 yoga teacher training with Yoga Arts. Now I am a certified level 1 yoga teacher, registered through Yoga Alliance.

    Since completing my training in February 2012, I’ve had the opportunity to teach yoga in Thailand (Island Yoga, Paradise Koh Yao Boutique Beach Resort & Spa, and Six Senses Yao Noi) and in Bali, Indonesia (The Chillhouse).

    Today, I am focusing on my self-practice and seeking the right venue to offer Hatha classes. Currently, I offer private lessons, and the occasional class in the park.

    For more information please check out my website under classes.

    With light, love, and laughter,


    Sarah Moore

    Travel light, live light, spread the light, be the light.


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