We’ve taken Ocean Girl Project to a whole new level!



In 2006 we started by getting together and holding community beach clean ups and raising funds to help families of critically ill children and fellow women surfers in Hawaii, we didn’t have a specific goal, we just wanted to help. We called our group,  Becausewesurf.

In 2008 we launched Ocean Girl Project Sustainable Surf Camps for Girls, we imagined, created, organized, and planned, we were blessed with outstanding people, sponsors, and donations, we forged invaluable friendships.  We also provided scholarships for local girls. Yes, we are a powerful force for the GOOD in life and each other!


We Grew – In November 2013, we realized we had to encourage the incredible creative surging energy of our company and people to grow and flourish.

Drawing from our love for both the ocean and our community, we have grown and created an extra-ordinary  company that reflects our surfer roots and our vision of a sustainable Hawaii.



Ocean Girl Project now offers an incredible opportunity!! We bring our ocean education surf day camps to HAWAII YOUTH ORGANIZATIONS AND SCHOOLS contact us to schedule a presentation: colleen@oceangirlproject.com or call (808) 852-0106

We’re on our way, join us!

As this exciting growth has taken place, the opportunities feel limitless. In 2014 we are on an exciting journey and we are inviting you to join us.

What we have planned!

Our Goal:  Support, challenge, mentor, and inspire others through outdoor adventures and ocean activities such as surfing.

How:  Create fun ocean and outdoor activities and  events that may directly help kids, women and others.

Who:  People looking to try new things, get better at what they already do, as well as have opportunities to give back and share what they know and love with others!

What:  Opportunities such as volunteer surf instructors, field trip and beach coordinators, beach clean up support crew, fund-raisers, art shows, community workshops, and even guest bloggers, Whew!

Well, there is too much to list, but you get the idea, every thing we do is to fulfill our commitment to support our community while having lots of fun.

If this sounds like something you want to know more about, simply click simple form , join us on facebook!

We have so much gratitude for our Amaze-team who do the hard work, planning, organizing and fund-raising that enable us to provide local girls in Hawaii scholarships each year.  Yes, you are all extraordinary and we are so blessed!!

Ali, Loke, Alanna, Colleen, Kaily, Miya, Jeannie, Billie, Danielle, Jan, after camp celebrate!
Ali, Loke, Alanna, Colleen, Kaily, Miya, Jeannie, Billie, Danielle, Jan, after camp celebrate 2013!