Surf Art Mural| Ocean Girls Partner with Artist Hilton Alves |Surf Art Kids Project

Ocean Girl Project proudly joins forces with Surf Art Kids Project Artist Hilton Alves  & Hawyland Styles Gallery, volunteers and community members to complete the largest surf art mural project and share ocean education to our community and kids.  We need YOU to Join us!

Artist Hilton Alves, born in 1980 in Santos, Brazil, Hilton began painting professionally in 2000. The artist brought his art to another level in 2004 when he painted his first mural. Hilton’s public, commissioned and commercial murals can be admired in 5 cities in Brazil and on Oahu in Hawaii.

The concept of the mural is to bring the North Shore to the South Shore with an image depicting beautiful banzai pipeline, a colorful sunset and a sandy section where silhouettes of individuals will magnify the size of the waves. There is no doubt that this mural will reach ocean lovers, youth, and art enthusiast around the world. The final stages of the mural will include an interactive community art element where the young and old alike will have a chance to have their silhouette painted on the beach scene looking at the waves.

This mural is a celebration of Hawaii’s surf culture and acknowledgement of Hawaii being an ocean lovers and surfers mecca for the world. This dream was born out of experiences Hilton has had with his Surf Art Kids Project.

Surf Art Kids is a social project designed to expose children and youth to environmental awareness and foster in them a respect and love for the ocean through art. Hilton has completed 13 murals on Oahu and has reached over 5,200 children through the project.

We are hoping that when the mural project at 1320 Kalani Street in Honolulu is scheduled, it will be completed within 7 to 10 days. We have approval from the building owner, landowner, building manager, affected businesses and key volunteers. We still need to raise funds, secure donations and volunteers, purchase supplies and book machinery.

In Hilton’s effort to complete this approximately 14,080 square feet mural we will raise up to $20,000 in funds and/or donations to cover the estimated costs of the project.

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Ocean Girl Project partners with Hilton Alves h_us_surf_Art_MuralThe Art of Hilton

Artist and waterman Hilton Alves has long been a lover of the sea and water sports. Born in 1980 and raised in Guaruja, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Hilton began painting professionally in 2000. His passion leads him to express the magnificent beauty of the aquatic world in drawings, paintings and murals.

Hilton has a passion for the sheer beauty of ocean life. This beauty is expressed through a series of paintings about surf, marine life, perfect waves, seascapes, and others. The self-taught artist uses oil, acrylic, and airbrush to bring life to his playful imagination and inspiring dreams.

The artist brought his art to another level in 2004 when he began painting murals. His murals convey the awe of the ocean and bring viewers closer to the earth’s precious marine life and perfect waves. Hilton’s murals can be admired in Santos, Guaruja, Sao Paulo, Bahia and Floripa in Brazil and on Oahu in Hawaii.

Hilton lets the love of sports, such as surf, stand up paddle surf, body surf, body boarding, swimming, running, diving and cycling be an inspirational source for guiding paint onto the canvas. As a testament to his personal drive and inspirational nature, the artist finds joy in participating in a variety of competitions. This growing artist is living proof that one never knows where inspiration will strike.