Odina Surf, at one with the earth, the ocean and supporting Ocean Girls in Hawaii!

Odina Surf

BIG Mahalo to Odina Surf for the donation of the amazing sustainable bathing suits for Ocean Girl Project!!

Odina is a clothing company that focuses on making fashionable and functional swimsuits that are also friendly to the environment. The Odina lifestyle is at one with the earth, the ocean and the future.  Our company strives to be 100% eco-conscious in all of our decisions yet we place equal value in performance and fashion.  Odina means divine creative inspiration and our inspiration lies in creating fashionable, functional and high quality swimwear from recycled plastic fabrics and reclaimed fabrics.

The idea began a few years ago when a designer of swimwear for many years, came together with a young eco-enthusiast. Their mission was to make swimsuits that not only complimented a woman’s figure but also her passions. They worked with surfers, not models, to get feed back on fit and function; with women that are exploring the world, surfing jaw-dropping waves and helping the planet that they love, to test their product. Through the process the Odina team tested a number of sustainable fabrics and a variety of recycled fibers before finding one that met their demands. The various styles underwent the same testing, with many success stories. The result was a suit that not only looked great, but rose to any challenge and Odina was born.

Typical of the blend of function and style is the In the Curl bottom. The Brazilian style bottom with banded sides and T-strap top is a favorite with the surfers for its great Island style and exceptionally good fit, whether In the Curl or on the land.

Setting the standard in eco-swimwear, Odina has put thought into every aspect of production. From the thread to the tags, every step involves rethinking the standard practices of the garment business.  All suits are manufactured in the U.S.A..

An Odina girl lives her life to the fullest but respects the earth and all its inhabitants.  An Odina girl loves adventure but also loves her home.  Above all, an Odina girl just loves living life and looking great doing it!

Hang Tags:

Printed on recycled paper from FCS certified sources.

Banners and other Marketing Materials:

We have done prints ranging from Wood to recycled Polyester made from water bottles. Are efforts are to be environmentally conscious with every footprint.

Website: http://odinasurf.com/

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