Day One of Surfstainable Camp

First day of camp everyone is naturally a little nervous and not sure what to expect… no worries!

We start stoked! Ocean Girl Project volunteers presented the girls with great gifts generously donated by supporters and sponsors. Keli Rae got all the girls journals for taking notes, Nalu Hawaiian Spirit provided reusable bags, HIC donated beautiful & useful caps to wear at the beach, and the girls will be using Vertra, da best surfers sunscreen.

We all play break da ice games, they are pretty darn funny! Right away the girls and staff  memory is tested by the “name game”  it is kinda hard!! You have to go round the whole circle and remember/repeat everyone’s name + nick name.

Now that everyone is feeling much more relaxed it is time for more some serious work. Each Monday of camp we teach Water Safety and the girls participate in mandatory ocean swimming skill tests.

Beautiful Miss Kaily, who is both a surfer and a lifeguard, does an informative water safety presentation then we all go down to the ocean to test everyone’s  swim ability.

After swimming, treading, floating, playing and splashing we are stoked to find that all the girls terrific swimmers and comfortable in the ocean.  They all pass their ocean swim tests and are ready to learn surfing.

First surf lessons! We teach and review surfing skills from the first time basics to more advanced for the girls who have surfed previously.  We spend time a lot of time and effort on the beach then it is back into the water practicing our moves.

After a yummy and healthy lunch from Che Pasta the girls had a wonderful presentation by our newest volunteer member, Anne Rosinski. She did a terrific job sharing with the girls about waves, Hawaii, the reef and our ocean.  Anne  graduated from Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science and generously took time out from another camp Mālama Pūpūkea-Waimea to be with us. Mahalo Anne!!! BTW~she also has a beautiful voice and played Ukelele for us!! Sweet.

Monday is the foundation for our surfstainable camp and we had a truly great day!