Surfstainable Surf Camp Hawaii Volunteers

Sustainability, Surfing and Ocean Awareness, volunteer today!

A terrific way to have fun and do good works for kids and the environment in Hawaii is to volunteer for our surfstainable surf camps!

You can sign up for an hour, an afternoon or multi-day surf surfaris.  We need help with a variety of projects and chores such as clearing coastlines of marine debris, sharing your surf/ocean knowledge, eco-experiences, bring surf boards to beach, help with a beach clean up or fundraiser, and just about any sustainable practice here in Hawaii is more then welcome.  Send us your ideas, be creative!

For more information

Please contact: or like us on facebook: oceangirlproject

Join us, it is so much fun.

Create positive waves in a young girls life this summer.. Mahalo!


  1. oceangirlsurfcamp says:

    You can write the camp coordinator at


  2. surfcampspain says:

    Great idea, there is nothing like that in Europe. But will learn 🙂


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