Volunteers Honor Hawaii Oceans

Ocean Girl Project Beach Cleanup Sat April 21st

This Earth Day all of the volunteers from Ocean Girl Project appreciate the special contribution each of you made to keep the ocean and beach clean!!!

You did a great job,  the ocean and its living creatures are grateful.

  EArth DaY WaRriOrs.. Our awesome volunteers!

Taking time from their busy lives and weekend activities, volunteers young and old from all over Oahu gathered at  Baby Mak’s aka “Cockroach Bay” for a beach clean up in honor of Earth DayWhile we  won’t revel the age of the oldest volunteer, the youngest was a sweet 10 mth old and carried her own bucket!

Frankly, we dislike the “cockroach” name but it is one of the reasons why we choose this location for our 2nd Earth Day Ocean benefit cleanup (and there is usually surf).

Good works!

Volunteers from ECC – Hawaii/Pacific and their families joined us again this year.  Much gratitude for your support and sustainable works! You all did a wonderful job!

Everyone worked hard and then time for keiki naps.. Hey! where is my nap???

Local Teens take action!

We had two terrific boys, Alex and Jacob,  students from Leilehua High School in Wahiawa come out and volunteer. Wow! They impressed us with their positive attitudes, helpfulness (they got the tents up). They are learning about sustainability in their class with teacher Mrs. Yamamoto, awesome! Thanks dad for driving them so early on a Saturday.

Congratulations boys and to all the volunteers for being environmental heroes -not only learning about plastic pollution and it’s effect on our island  but doing something about it.

You da bestest! So..  after we were all set-up and headed down the beach..we found out we had to relocate then everyone just pitched in – within a few minutes it was all moved and setup again..one of my favorite memories of the day.

YUCK’O! Bucket ‘o Beach Rubbish
Okay, had to show this. Here are some of the plastic-toxic-dangerous items we found on our beach clean up. Imagine this in the ocean?

We must have filled 30+ buckets in less then an hour,  kinda cool that you were able to do that, huh? 🙂

By showing up and doing your part, you made an important change to our beaches and oceans, what a wonderful way to honor the Earth and our beautiful island.

Let’s all make a change!

We are planning another clean up in May and hope that you will join us, the more helping hands, the more ways we can keep our oceans clean!

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