Ocean Girl Project Operation Beach Clean up!!

‘A‘ohe hana nui ke alu ‘ia..

“No task is too big when done together by all.”

I think that  pretty much describes how we feel about how our beach clean up went Saturday, April 2nd. After seeing  such depressing images of albatross stomaches of plastic and honu choking on plastic bags it was SO encouraging and uplifting to be with people who care.

Seeing the final product- all those garbage bags and nets and rusted metals, really felt good and it truly felt like what we did mattered.

Our ocean warrior volunteers had so much fun!

Steve and Daniel in back, Luisa, Colleen, Billie

From Billie~”Hurray! I enjoyed Saturday so much! 🙂 I love how everyone came from different places all over the island and they all came because they care about the ocean, the beaches, and the Aina. We all want the same thing; clean, safe waters and unpolluted environments, so that our children’s children and all living creatures can enjoy life like we do. It’s you and me and our choices who are gonna make it happen.”

Set-up volunteers! lft side:Alanna, very back-Carol-Starbucks, Colleen, Keli, Luisa, rht side: Kelsie, Jeannie, Claire, Daniel, Billie!

From Colleen: I liked that Billie and Keli had us so organized!! They worked so many hours and what they give is something priceless to the earth. I also LOVED the walkie-talkies Big Mahalo Steve-O and the surfboard, mahalo Daniel!!!

From Claire~Aloha Sunday, Cousin Colleen. I wanted to take a minute to express my amazement and appreciation of the Beach Clean-up yesterday. Watching the youngsters take a hold of the fundamental principles of nurturing and sustaining the Ocean…s and he…lping to HEAL Mother Earth was overwhelming for me. I thought of my Native American Indian herit…age; respecting Mother Earth, Teaching The Children, the Full Circles of Life and the importance of Love and Respect. Our next 7 generations depend upon OUR passing on what is REALLY important in life. Your volunteers look up to you with a true admiration and a growing passion for being a part of this necessary HEALING. Your father Sam taught you WELL…and I felt my Uncle and Auntie smiling down upon you, their daughter, my cousin, my ‘Ohana…and I wanted to say BIG MAHALOS for letting me volunteer and be a part of your Ocean Project. Until next time-A hui hou-claire-Ke’ani :O)

Mahalo Daya! xxoo

From Daya~MUAH! that was fun- I really needed being at the clean up… The beach, sun, like-minded individuals, a cleaner beach, chilled ocean… SO necessary for feeling happy and fulfilled! thanks for being so awesome and SWEET and for organizing such a wonderful event and for informing us about plastic… I learned a lot and u made me rethink the choices I make:) love u!!!

From Keli~We couldn’t have asked for anything more! It was a beautiful day at Makapu’u Beach.

Seriously, a microwave??? Mahalo Jerry!

Everyone worked so hard and I couldn’t believe the items that we found! The Starbuck volunteers and ECC volunteers were so wonderful and helpful! Jennifer from Reef Watch was awesome. Everyone that attended was so excited to be there! We need to do more beach clean ups! Thank you Ocean Girl Project, it rocked!!!!

Laura~Thank you for including us Starbuckians in the beach clean up today at Kaupo Beach Park! I learned a lot today.

Mahalo to all the Starbuckians, you made such a difference!

When I grabbed lunch afterward at Kalapawai I used my own cup and turned down the straw. =)

From Aimee ~I had an awesome time too!

From Reef Watch Waikiki

Thank to our friends at Ocean Girl Project for hosting such a great event last weekend! We look forward to taking part next time, too 🙂



Big mahalo to Doug for all the hard work and beautiful pictures!!

We are changing the world, one beach at a time!