Ocean Girl Project and Starbucks Team for a Beach Clean Up Saturday April 2nd!

Ocean Girl Project Beach Clean up Saturday April 2, 2011!

In honor of Earth Day, we are hosting an Ocean Girl Project beach clean up Saturday April 2nd at Kaupo Beach aka “cockroach bay” near Makapu’u.

The Starbucks crew have volunteered to join us and will be bringing iced tea. We are  honored and blessed to have them, mahalo!

If you didn’t learn as a kid to surf at this spot or haven’t been to this beach before,   it is almost directly across from Sea Life Park.
There is  parking by beach and on highway, beach bathrooms, showers and usually can find small surf.. overall this is an incredible sustainable and surf  area that needs  your help!!

Bring the church, youth  group, how about your neighbors?? Kids love to be at the beach and help the environment!

OGP Volunteers  will be there about 8:00-8:30 am to set up the tent and water station, reusable water bottles are totally awesome!!!

Beach Clean up will begin around   9am – 11:30am.

From 12pm – 2pm free  lite lunch (until we run out) and awesome sustainable ocean presentations.

You are more then welcome to join in at any time, mahalo.

This event is for all ages and everyone is invited, bring your groups,  class mates, neighbors, friends and family to join us.. Car pooling is encouraged!!!

Ocean Girl Project will be providing gloves, burlap bags, buckets, lite food and drinks. There may be organic products and misc sustainable items sale for sale also.

Strongly Suggest: sun glasses, hats/visors, reef safe sun screen, reusable water bottles.. if you have.. heavy duty gloves, old and new plastic bags for debris.

We are going to be there for most of the day, if you can, bring your surfboards and snorkel gear and hang out on a beautiful and clean Hawaii beach!

Also..if we come up with some soft tops or old beater boards we can do a short surf lesson, we have kids that are interested.

Last if you can -we are looking for surf/sustainable sponsor prizes for the kids.

Please join us on face book for up to date information and further sustainable ocean and kids events. Call Colleen if you need any more info 808.852-0106.

Mahalo ocean girls and guys, you are awesome environmental warriors!

About-Kaupo Beach is on the southeastern end of the Windward Shore of Oahu in Hawaii, south of Makai Research Pier and north of Makapuu Beach Park, opposite the Sea Life Park Hawaii. A little off shore are Manana Island (Rabbit Island) and Kaohikaipu Island (Turtle Island). Kaupo Beach has no strong currents or dangerous coral heads and is popular with local fishermen, swimmers and surfers.

Mana Island is known as ‘Rabbit Island’ as rabbits were raised here until 1994 when they removed as a threat to the surrounding bird breeding areas and ecosystem. The island covers 63 acres and is a volcanic tuff cone island. Mana Island is an important breeding ground for sooty terns, brown noddies, wedge-tailed shearwaters, bulwers petrels and red-tailed tropic birds. Mana Island and the smaller Kaohikaipu Island next to it are both protected bird sanctuaries and closed to the public.

Plastic-filled ocean – a 100% human-caused disaster

The disposable plastic bottle symbolizes waste and litter around the world. But it is not just plastic bottles and careless littering that threaten to turn the oceans from life sustaining to life threatening.

Bottles and bags. Discarded toys, product packaging and cheap holiday decorations. Household and industrial waste of a thousand kinds.

Littered, dropped, dumped. Used despite safer alternatives. Carelessly disposed, improperly managed. Not reduced, not reused and not recycled.

Rolling, blowing, floating and flowing into the world’s oceans.

Plastic waste, and particularly its accumulation and breakdown in the world’s oceans, are a far larger problem than heart disease or cancer, and unquestionably contribute to both of these conditions.

Plastic in the oceans is more damaging and far-reaching than deforestation, habitat destruction and other environmental issues that receive much greater attention. And it is the most directly actionable of all environmental threats.

Plastic stomach contents from a dead albatross

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  1. oceangirlsurfcamp says:

    Which Sunscreen is the best?
    * Be weary, most sunblocks you buy will claim to be “water resistant” not “waterproof”.
    * Zinc oxide is still really the most effective block, it is also the least toxic to your body as well as to the health of the marine life.
    * Titanium Dioxide, next level of sunblock – but really just a “screen” and allows 70% of suns rays to go through.
    * Brands to look for Reef Safe, UVNatural & Soleo – contains 24% zinc oxide level, and does not cause eye stinging.

    How to Apply Sunscreen

    1. Apply the sunscreen at LEAST 30 minutes before entering the water – don’t put sunscreen on your eyelids or it will spread and sting your eye when you’re surfing.
    2. Re-apply after at least 3 hours in the water.

    Stock up, sun block is your best alliance against the sun!


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