Surf Camp days 2-4

Mahalo to all our sponsors!!

We spent the second day surfing near bowls. Some of the surfer girls were rippers, some intermediate and some first timers. Thanks to Pro Surfer Nancy Emerson’s School of Surfing for donating use of the boards, all the girls were safe and did outstanding.

I got a picture of Donna!!

Beautiful pictures done by Donna Welch Photography and in da water photos by Ryo, outstanding work, mahalo again for all your hard work Donna.

The third day was learning stand up paddling and a cool introduction to canoe paddling, plus we played a lot in the ocean.

Colleen, our fearless leader!

Billie one of our terrific volunteers playing with the girls!

The girls LOVED the SUP demo and Jeannie came for a second sess!

Jeannie Chesser teaching SUP! Thanks Surf Tech!!

Hey, a mermaid!

Alanna and Roclynn sharing Hawaiian style canoe paddling.

What can we say, our volunteers are awesome!!!!

Leenie and Billie did this cool sustainable time line and also a circle of life demonstration, we had a terrific discussion on our sustainable responsibilities to the island, ocean and each other. Even Faryn got to join us, congrats again our fabulous official Ocean Girl Project surfing masseuse!!

Our fourth day, more reg-u-lar type surfing at the famous bowls, it got big and we let the rippers go wild, well not too wild, Auntie Colleen wouldn’t let them out to the way over head sets. We had one girl scared to death in the ocean and she rode her first wave thanks to encouragement and help from volunteer Keli Rae, it was inspiring to all of us!! Every one of the newbies rode waves, they were stoked!!!

In-between was more fun and more playing..

We had a wonderful time surfing, beach cleaning, loving, learning. singing and by the end of the week we were ohana.

more soon…Day 5