Skin Care Tips for Surfers – Free Organic Sunscreen

Becausewesurf and Ocean Girl Project want to give a big mahalo to water woman/surfer girl Laola Lake!

Meet our official skin care expert for surf and summer 2010, Laola (bio below). She welcomes any questions about safe sunblock, skin care, or any other related topic. She is going to choose a skin care question every month that she feels deserves the most attention and reward that person with a tube of organic sunblock or some other nice skin care product.

Aloha to all my ocean ohana,

I was born and raised in Hawaii to parents who both surfed. They naturally introduced me and my three brothers to ocean sports at a very young age. I’ve spent the last several decades exposed to sun and salt water and know firsthand the ravages of what such exposure can mean to your health. Whereas we once had a thicker ozone protection( I use to be able to play in the ocean for hours without any protection) I can no longer go out into the sun for an extended length of time without sun protection without getting badly burned. My mother eventually became a facialist (esthetician as you’ll see it often referred to) and I eventually followed in her footsteps. I’ve practiced in the field for over 20 years. My clients range from professional athletes (football, boxing, sumo, volleyball etc) to movie stars, malihini and kamaaina. While most women are concerned about what the sun does to prematurely age the skin, my concern is the effect that uv can have on your dna. There is also deep concern about the damage that many sunscreens can cause. This information may seem controversial at this point in time. Remember that many years ago the surgeon general published a statement that told people not to worry about smoking being hazardous to your health. You can take the information that is available to you and make your own decision. I have found that it’s usually better to take the “better be safe than sorry” when it comes to health and wellness. The following link to the Environmental Working Group’s recently published information on 2010 sunscreen report is very informative.

I welcome any questions about safe sunblock, skin care, or other related topic please send emails to:

Every month I will choose a question that I feel deserves the most attention and reward that person with a tube of organic sunblock or some other nice skin care product.

Hope to meet you on or off the water someday.

Until then….aloha….and be safe. Laola


  1. Janell says:

    I am currently in the process of making my own sunscreen using organic products. I live in FL and have lived in HI and I found Shiseido to be great products however very expensive. I am excited to see if my homemade creation lasts. I use beeswax, coconut oil and zinc oxide only. I recently learned that sesame oil blocks about 30% UV rays. Let me know what you think or if you have any insight. Thank you.


  2. oceangirlsurfcamp says:

    Hi Laola,

    Thanks for your reply! I am currently using Headhunter sunscreen with SPF 30 on my face. I do put it all over my face from head to chin and about 15 minutes before heading into the water? Looking forward to you r response.


    Angie Lim


  3. oceangirlsurfcamp says:

    HI Angie
    Please tell me what brand of sunblock you are using. I would also like to know how you apply it; all over your face? and when- like just before entering the water or at least 30 minutes before sun? As much info as you can give me would be more helpful in getting you the correct information in return. I’m glad to know you are concerned about it though. You will most likely NOT find sunblock that claims to be water”proof” only water resistant and very water resistant. The blocks I choose have proven to stay on successfully while I have paddled from Molokai to Oahu which takes over 5 hours. It means I’m in the sun for at least 6 hours. Sometimes I have a chance to reapply halfway across the channel and sometimes I don’t. I have never had them wear off or gotten burned. Once you give me your details I will send you more information. Thank you!


  4. Angie says:

    Hi Laola,

    This is very interesting & appreciate this article. As a women who surfs myself this is the number one thing I am concerned about when I am in the water (that, and sharks) but I want to know, two questions:

    1) are there products out there that are actually waterproof and good for surfing? by the end of the first hour, i find all the sunscreen is gone and my face is fully burnt.

    2) the wax that is used for boards, is irritating not only on my stomach but my behind when sitting on the board. are there good alternatives or ways to prevent a surf rash on either end?

    Really appreciate it!

    Del Mar Surf Camp


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