Sustainable Goals-Ocean Girl Project together with the Ocean Girl Project have established sustainable team goals that represent our core values as surfers.

Our primary goal: To live and work simply, and purposefully towards a common good for all.

Be a living example: Giving attention, investigation and transformation to what and where we purchase, what we support, promote, what we teach, what we might sell, and to bring that awareness into what is now or will be the accumulative effects on the islands, ocean and its people.

Beliefs into action: If we can reduce or eliminate further damage to the ocean by some of our alternative choices and sharing of ideas and solutions, we know more people, more businesses will be inspired to make changes that will impact our planet, bring forth solutions and power a powerful wave of humanistic responsibility and action.

One of the ways we do this is by limiting our use of plastic, we are striving throughout every step of our sustainable surf camps to begin and stay single use plastic free.

As surfers especially, there are very practical reasons for the sustainable surf camp to be plastic free including preserving and maintaining a healthy ocean environment for all generations, preventing the often fatal consequences of plastic pollution on sea life, cutting down the use and the import of single use plastic product which reduces fuel consumption, overall economic benefit to community, and most important, eliminating the health risk of exposure to toxic plastic/petroleum chemicals.

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  1. Dawn says:

    You are doing wonderful things and are an inspiration to all those around you.


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