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Ocean Girl Project Sustainable Surf Camps for girls was featured last July 13th on Hawaii’s KHON2’s Be Green with Kirk Matthews, mahalo Kathy and Kirk for helping create positive waves in young girls lives!! watch video

Watch the surf girl video, thanks KHON!

Nancy Emerson (pictured) an international professional surfing champion, and the originator of the world-famous Learn to Surf in One Lesson technique. She is a true professional who has placed within the top 10 of every surfing competition she has entered. Nancy has generously donated the use of her soft surf surfboards for the girls to use during the surf camp. Thanks Nancy for being such an amazing example to young surfer girls and for making a difference in their surf adventure!

Surf News Network hawaiiThe Official Surf Report site for Ocean Girl Project Sustainable Surf Camp . Before hitting the waves, surfer girls and guys in Hawaii first check with Gary Kewley’s Surf News Network. He’s on radio and TV, his hot lines receive up to 10,000 calls a day and his website, over 25,000 hits a day. Check out the SNN site and you will find Gary also generously promotes surf and fund-raising events across the island. We are very grateful for his continued support and for creating positive waves in a young girls life…mahalo for an awesome site for all surfers in Hawaii.

Surfrider a non-profit international organization run by volunteers. The Oahu Chapter’s mission is to improve water quality, ensure the public’s right to beach access, reduce plastic marine debris, and work for responsible, ocean-friendly development on the island of Oahu. Great group, doing important work.

Becausewesurf Hawaii
To live and work simply and purposefully towards a common good for all, this is what we strive to manifest. As a team it is about giving attention, time and transformation to what and where we purchase, what we support, what we promote, what we might sell, and to bring that awareness into what is or will be the accumulative effects on the environment and its people. The Becausewesurf web site was set up exclusively to freely promote surfers, surf fund-raising events, surf organizations and help save the planet.

MuuMuu Heaven is a family-run business channeling experience and creativity into the design of one of a kind, eco-conscious clothing. After years living the gypsy life across the globe, we are now based in what may be the most beautiful place on the planet…Windward side, Oahu, Hawaii.


Reef Watch to inspire and facilitate community stewardship of Waikiki. Thank you all the Reef Watch volunteers and staff for being so generous and educating us all on the ocean and reef. We are stoked to have you part of our sustainable team!


Water Safety!!! The success of ocean lifesaving, rescue, and related injury prevention initiatives in Hawai`i is primarily due to the “knowledge, expertise and courage” of the lifeguard force on the beach In Hawai`i ocean lifeguards are also officially referred to as Ocean Safety Officers. We are so grateful to them!

Sustainable surfing
Rerip.com is dedicated to preserving the environment and works together with the community to keep surfboards out of the landfills, and to reduce the amount of waste from new surfboard construction. Extend the life of your used board by posting it on Rerip.com.

Surf gear, great shop, Hawaii
Surf Garage is the destination for the classic, high-end surfboards and exceptional quality of surf accessories as well as artworks and prints.
Surf Garage is dedicated to being an active and supportive member of the community. Through partnerships and programs, Surf Garage continues its commitment to the people and places that surround us.
The Origami Whales Project began in Spring 2004 in response to the urgent need to raise awareness concerning the ever-increasing threat by the whaling nations towards the return of IWC sanctioned commercial whaling.

fabulous photographer wonderful person volunteer surf camps
Donna Welch, a professional photographer, captures the spirit of the moment working with people of all ages, sizes, and personalities in Hawaii. Donna will be capturing the girl’s spirit at our sustainable surf camps.

Hawaii Surf Icon volunteer surf camps
Hawaii surfing icon Jeannie Chesser’s paintings on canvas reflect perfect waves. Sea life and floral are also favorite subjects. Her recent entry into jewelry making also reflects the ocean with use of shells, pearls, and turtle shapes. “It’s totally therapeutic to work with beads, jewelry, and silver. That people like my stuff enough to buy it is certainly a bonus. She rocks!

organic, sustainable, surf camp supporter!
Honolulu’s natural and organic market. Umeke market offers a great selection of vitamins and supplements, healthy deli, natural groceries, bulk items, organic produce, green households and many more… One of the surf camp lunch and snack providers, lucky us!

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