Surfer Girl to Surfer Girl, we asked Heather Brown

What advice do you have for new surfer girls?
Smile and keep the vibe friendly in the line upnorth shore artist heather brown

Heather Brown does not just use the ocean as a subject for her cool paintings she exhibits in galleries around the world, she lives in it. The 36-year-old artist from California has called Hawai‘i home for 10 years, has surfed for nine and is a bona fide scuba dive master, she also worked as a boat captain, and aquarium maintenance diver in a life knitted together by an abiding love for the ocean and the environment. Heather rocks!!

becausewesurf Ocean Girl Project surf girls have been fans of Heather for many years and she shared with us some of her thoughts and advice for surfer girls.

becausewesurf: what’s the best advice you ever got about surfing in Hawaii?

heather : the three no no’s
don’t surf at dusk
dont’ surf near a river mouth
dont’ surf in bad visibility

becausewesurf:what is your definition of a soul surfer?

heather: a soul surfer is one who has an undying obsessive love for catching waves.

becausewesurf: surfing is pretty hard, why did you start?

heather: because it looked like so much fun.

Thank you Heather for being such a wonderful surfer girl example, strong, truly compassionate, and honoring the planet with your sustainable work and art.