We asked, what has surfing taught you?

Patience~Surfing has taught me to be patient with myself. To realize that each day is different, some days I feel graceful and fluid, some days things don’t flow and I feel frustrated and challenged. Some days I feel strong and confident. Some days I feel weak and timid. But each day I surf I realize that this is the beauty of life, no day is the same and no wave is the same. Learning to surf was has been a long path for me, at times I didn’t think I could do it…but I have never been willing to give it up. The days that I feel graceful and fluid are so magical and wonderful that is keeps me coming back to the sea.

art by Heather Brown
But it is the days that are difficult that have taught me the most. They have taught me to be patient with myself and realize that I will only learn at the pace that is appropriate for me on my path. I can’t rush it, although I wish I could sometimes! These lessons have helped me lately, as I push myself in other areas of my life I remind myself it is all life and the same rules apply in the water as out. Take each day as it comes, each challenge one at a time. Treat others with respect.If you fail, that is okay. It is part of learning, take that lesson and apply it to the next challenge…much like if I fall off a wave or miss it ..Use that experience to help you.

If you don’t try you will never know If you don’t paddle out or don’t paddle for that wave, you will never know if you could have caught it. My favorite when it get’s scary is to I remind myself to stop thinking and just do! -Mallory