Ocean Girl Project, Sustainable Surf Camps

Ocean Girl Project Mgr Colleen working with Dustin, Junior Life Guard Volunteer

We are getting ready to launch our Ocean Girl Project, sustainable surf camps for girls in Hawaii.

Along with getting stoked about surfing we will focus time and energy each day on ocean education, beach clean ups, water safety, eating healthy, art projects, and sustainability. Our primary purpose is to instill a renewed sense of self esteem and confidence in these girls.

Ocean Girl Project will offer diversified and interesting organizational interactions such as The Origami Whale Project, Reef Watch, Waikiki Aquarium, Water Safety, Pro women surfers, Donna Welch photographer and many more.

Our sustainable ocean girl project has invited surfers and leaders from the community as mentors, teachers and speakers; we are developing inspirational art and creative workshops on topics such as sustainability and the reef/ocean. We are planning a filed trip and tour of a local organic farm, and our snacks and lunches will be healthy and organic foods and produce.

One day we are setting up a professional photo shoot by Donna Welch photographer with the focus on recognizing and capturing our inner beauty and the grace of the ocean – a great tool for young girls and a visual reminder of what they accomplished.

We know there are girls sitting home all summer bored or roaming the streets getting in trouble. We are aware many families, especially in these hard economic times, find they lack resources to attend the few programs offered.

Having worked with troubled kids and taken them on adventure outdoor excursions for almost 20 years; I know from personal experience what a huge difference it does make to be given an opportunity like this.

Please sign up for more information, we still need volunteers, and donations. Continue to watch becausewesurf for updates also.

Creating positive waves in a girls life..with your help.

Love and Gratitude,
Colleen Kudo